Our professionals team is here to provide you best financial services, and play an important role in the financial market.


We allow Our clients’ access to its Internet Based Trading System (IBTS)

including agreement with the Broker, assigning of trading limits, placement

and execution of clients’ orders, mode and timing of reporting of trade

confirmation to the clients and margin requirements and margin calls.

“Online trading – This online brokerage service of IAK Securities provides clients with an entirely different experience in the world of trading. With the traditional method of trading the investor used to be completely dependent on the trader. But today, while sitting in any part of the world, you can buy and sell directly on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) through your account.  The client is in total control of the trades, and their orders are executed instantly irrespective of their size.

We will guide the client about how to invest at the PSX, providing a Step by step guideline, regarding the opening of account to trading online. The client just needs to fill in the Account Opening Form and submit it to us. Our Business Development Manager will contact the client within a few hours (working hours) and provide all the information about PSX online trading and discuss options. You have the freedom to trade in shares through Desktop, Mobile and Web-based trading platforms.

Click here for KiTS application downloads and assistance”